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Modern Pilates for back pain Modern Pilates is based on the original works of German-born Joseph Pilates who designed a series of exercises that uses both mental and physical techniques to condition the body. His methods were used primarily by

Homeopathy for babies and children with common complaints Coughs, colds, sleeping problems, nappy rash, asthma, bed wetting, dummies, feeding problems, travel sickness, lack of confidence reading and writing difficulties. Homeopathy is a safe

Homeopathic overdose The Daily Telegraph published an article about a group of protesters staging a mass overdose of homeopathic medicine out side Boots pharmaceutical stores around the U.K. Their purpose was to prove that you can not overdose on

Peanut allergies Early this week a report highlighted the positive effects of using small amounts of peanut substance to to treat patients with severe peanut allergies and had very positive results. In Homeopathy this practice is called Isopathy

Homeopathy on the NHS The science and technology committee have called for a review on homeopathy on the NHS, saying its merely a placebo effect and it only works because the patients believe in it. Committee chairman Phil Willis MP warned

What is past life regression? In simple terms past life regression is just remembering. Stored in your subconscious mind are all the memories of all of your experiences, what it is like to be a small child or baby, what its like to be born

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