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Being happy and staying positive may help ward off heart disease, a study suggests. US researchers monitored the health of 1,700 people over 10 years, finding the most anxious and depressed were at the highest risk of the disease.They could not

Antidepressant drugs cause premature births A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology revealed that pregnant women who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) during their second or third trimesters

Police have been given access to 5 hours of visual relaxation workshops. This has been made compulsory for all front line police, dog handlers and control room staff. Hertfordshire police revealed it had sent more than 1,000 of its officers a third

Doctors warn that homeopathy does not work and there is no evidence to support this, though there has been a great deal of examples one of these is the mass vacination of 2.5 million people in cuba preventing Leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a

By this BBC report (workplace illness) stress in the workplace must be at its highst level to date and what is the most cost effective and a diplomatic way of dealing with this epedemic. One way of dealing with this problem would be workplace

Long shift work and unregulated shift patterns is the catayalist in all cases of work related illness,though for many staff its work balance that can tip the scale and send some staff members ill. Workbalance can be tricky especialy when workers

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