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  What is the Menopause  The menopause is a natural period of transition, and can herald a new phase in a women's life that shouldn't be seen as a beginning of decline but more a shift to greater freedom. Like all periods of transition

Bowel problems from poor food choices. Refined foods and carbohydrates are a poor choice of diet for someone  suffering from a slow and uncomfortable bowel movements. Some people admit they do not drink water when filling in their medical

Colonic Hydrotherapy    Colonic Hydrotherapy can help with people that are not very frequent in bowel movements which is one reason a person would go for Colonic Hydrotherapy.   Other reasons are that some people find it hard to

Room rental for doctors specialits and consultants, all  rooms available for annual contracts.  
Colonic  A well functioning colon handles all the waste that’s thrown at it, a sluggish one, affects the WHOLE BODY. Colon Hydrotherapy can alleviate all this

Get a better Functioning bowel through regular treatments of Colonic  A propper functioning bowl is its most effective when properly hydrated, since the smaill hairs that move the feacal matter and waste materail through the long intestine. If

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