Following a lengthy period of stress both in my personal life and at work I was left feeling very isolated. Lacking in confidence and muddled about my direction in life. My head was just like "cotton wool" and I felt unable to cope or focus on anything. I couldn't make a decision or prioritise even the simplest things- I had "lost" myself! It was at this point I sought Jenny's help which proved to be one of the most beneficial decisions I have taken in my life. Jenny's exercise helped me re-focus on my life and to bring back positive feelings and to deal with and recognize the feelings of stress and how to cope with banishing them forever through a regular maintenance program.Since starting my therapy I have remained positive in my outlook in my workplace which has definitely had an impact on my work colleagues. I have also taken the momentous decision to open my own buisness which for someone who has worked in the public sector all her lie is life changing

Mrs L

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