The birth of my first child had been an un-expectedly bad experience, which had left me with many fears for the birth of my second child.My main concern was that I had previously felt a total lack of control and had felt completely overwhelmed by the whole experience.EFT was suggested to me by Amanda Kinane , as a non-invasive technique used to clear away any residual negativity and also any past circumstances that may have been contributing to my state of mind.Although I was dubious at first, never having tried any sort of therapy, Amanda was very approachable in allowing me to give it a try. She was very forthcoming about the history of EFT and its growing acceptance as a form of therapy in the Uk. Also she was able to relate how many different problems, fears and concerns the treatment could be adapted to beyond my own case. I found this very reasuring and was more than willing to give the therapy a chance.Through the tapping sessions, many concerns from my past and the details of my first birth were discussed and then the tapping was used to clear away these concerns. By re-inforcing postive aspects and also by forgiving or letting go of these past issues, I was able to move forward and concentrate on my second impending birth.It became a very positive experience from which I gained much and felt far more in control than first time around. I had no qualms about asking for what I wanted and also being sure that my decisions were right for me. I felt as though this time it was my right to guide the process and actually be an active member rather than a frightened mouse with no control or voice.So after first being dubious I had very good results from the sessions and would recommend anyone giving it a go.

Nick Brown

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